Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Down to Single Digits!!

Thirty things I'll miss about Iraq...

  1. Omnipresent aerostat balloon watching over me.

  2. Free food.

  3. Free gas.

  4. Free laundry.

  5. Wearing body armor = free exercise.

  6. Walking everywhere = free exercise.

  7. Running for bunker = free exercise.

  8. No cooking.

  9. No cleaning.

  10. No utility bills.

  11. No cell phone.

  12. No commercials on TV – and the military infomercials are so entertaining.

  13. No grocery shopping or trips to the mall.

  14. No yard work.

  15. No pesky “What will I wear this weekend?” dilemmas.

  16. Every volleyball court is a sand volleyball court.

  17. Bronchial rattle of hooch air conditioner comforting, reassuring.

  18. Two guns and a knife make me feel like a bad-a*s.

  19. The Gator.

  20. The bat house.

  21. Random weirdness, such as abandoned open box of Q-tips at bus stop.

  22. That fresh bubble gum smell of a clean port-a-john.

  23. Cha Cha wetting his pants.

  24. Bugging the engineers.

  25. “Jambo jambo!”

  26. Can always depend on a good giggle from Australian uniform “camouflage” (It has lavender hearts, I’m not kidding)

  27. World’s most beautiful palm trees.

  28. Bird song saturating the hot mid-morning air.

  29. Feeling of contributing to history.

  30. The friends I’ve made.