Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting Settled

Today and yesterday I worked on "turnover" with the LT I am relieving. He has been saving and organizing things for me; if you've ever done a turnover in the military you know what a blessing a good passdown is. I will have my own desk and my own laptop which has both unclassified and secret harddrives that swap out. Very nice to be plugged in again so I can communicate regularly.

I've been on the road 2 months. I moved out of Pensacola on the 25th of June, and moved into my hooch here on the 25th of August! My "hooch" is where I live, and I have no complaints. The A/C works great. What else matters? It is one room which I share with a Navy Chief-select. She is on R&R now so I haven't met her, but my first impression is that she is very neat.

I've already gotten busy sprucing up the place. Some key items: hard plastic coat hangers, Sterlite plastic drawer, remnant rug, handmade wooden desk ($10) and chair. There are hundreds of people where I'm at, so some unit is always rotating out and trying to get rid of stuff cheap. I'm hoping to get my hands on a small fridge next.

Note: I just found out today that my APO mailing address will be cut off soon. The last date to mail anything to me at that address is the 1st of September. I do not know what my follow-on address will be yet.

That's all for now. Take care.



Donald said...
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Anonymous said...

For Toonces,
My name is Ken Lang aka Bat Lang, class of 1956, USMA.
I am the webmaster for our class website, as well as the Class Techie.
In that last category, I am trying to put you in touch with one of my retired classmates (an O2) who runs a program at UNLV, which he feels would benefit from your experience(s) in Iraq, after your return.
To that end, I will put him in touch with you and let him explain. In order to do that I will need your email address to pass to him. Since I'm the class techie, and he is not comfortable in blogs, I am acting in his behalf.
PS. I read your whole blog, and found it most interesting.
I thank you for your service and wish for you the very best and a safe return.
Bat Lang
USMA 1956

Toonces said...

Dear Bat,
Please send me your email in a comment (that I will not publish.)