Monday, October 1, 2007

A Sign You Might Be In Iraq

There are a lot of signs around here -- I mean the placard type, not the divine type. I don't know where they come from or who makes them. But something about them fascinates me, perhaps the thought that the sign poster was oblivious to the humor or irony. Or perhaps it's the uniqueness of these signs to Iraq. I've selected a few for your enjoyment. I didn't get a shot of the sign said, "Potable Water, Do Not Drink." There are a few more out there I'm targeting for a Part II.

Someone had to explain to me what this meant. I thought it was just a gung-ho hooah thing.

From an Al Faw Palace terrace. I guess this was a problem.

Not what you want to find posted on the office bulletin board.

You'll know if you're authorized.

From inside a porta-potty. I like this one for the apparent universality of disapproving smiley faces. (For an explanation of why this sign is necessary, I'll have to email you off line -- it's too disgusting for public consumption.)


Micki said...

Love the signs. Bet in time, you'll get some divine ones, too.
What can I send you? Your mother did great with the plant. Can I send food or other stuff? How do I mail it to get to you? Micki

Anonymous said...

Signs can be so very deceptive, often having a totally different meaning to the poster that is not always apparent to a subsequent reader with no contextual clues. While I don't think I really want to know about the H2O bottles, I thought you might get a kick out my 2nd all-time favorite sign (for my favorite, e-mail me off blog!) which was seen posted periodically along the roads near village pubs between Oxford to Newcastle England back in the early 80's. They read, "No Football Coaches Allowed." It took me several hours of periodic sightings, mulling quizzically over someone's real or imagined hatred for Darryl Royal or Bear Bryant, until the light bulb finally clicked on......NO SOCCER BUSES....Ah, yes, the drunk and unruly fanatic occupants being notorious for trashing any place they would stop and imbibe to either cheer on their team or drown their sorrows!

You are an amazing woman. Keep your sense of humor everywhere you go! Lynn