Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Sign You Might Be in Iraq 2

Hope this finds you healthy and happy this Thanksgiving week. There is a lot to be thankful for. It sounds corny, but just living in America is a great blessing. Many people around the world would trade places in a heartbeat and can only dream of the privileges and lifestyle we enjoy. They would give a lot to live just one day in our shoes.

You only need to read of the great challenges we face in Iraq to realize how hard it is to build democratic institutions, to establish the rule of law, to protect human rights. It didn’t happen overnight in the United States, and it won’t happen overnight here in Iraq.

On a lighter note, here’s your sign.
Heat meter. (Not be confused with Fun Meter.) I told you it was hot.

For the culturally impaired.

Look at all the fun things to do in Iraq! It’s practically Club Med. Oh yeah, pool’s closed.

How far to the nearest bottle of Wild Turkey?

This one wins top honors because you have to know the policy already in order to interpret the sign. (You can’t have the first or the second line, but must have the third line, in order to do the fourth line.)

And a bonus sign for Turkey Day. I can’t speak to this tasty-looking bird’s origin, but I can guess its fate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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